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M - Unite your nations

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Titre : Unite your nations

Année : 1979

Auteurs compositeurs : Robin Scott

Durée : 5 m 42 s

Label : Arabella

Référence : 200 128

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While you rumba and you samba to the party propaganda melody
A multimillion dollar corporation starts to collar your destiny
Who is in control of your body and your soul when you dance with me
Everybody in here has lived inside a frontier like a refugee.
All along the border, they're searching for you
Just like an immigrant in your country, too

Let's do the variation
Unite, unite your nation.
Fa-fa-fa! Fa-fa-fa! Fa-fa-fa!

Diplomats and bureaucrats are busy speculating a conspiracy
Administrating, calculating, arbitrating everybody's history.
From Hong Kong to Ecuador, the dance is a battle for equality
Disco is the rock-and-roll-blues-jazz-country-soul-recipe
All along the borders, they're searching for you -
What will you say when they're interrogating you ?


Now watch your parking meters and don't follow leaders into bankruptcy
All of the green soldiers are under marching orders for the tourists to see
This is not a fashion show, Wwe are the red commando. Don't desert me.
You can do the left and right when we go and dance all night to victory.
All along the border, they're searching me and you.
Total entertainment; Red, yellow, white, and blue !

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